Armaflex in the world’s most famous skyscraper: Empire State Building achieves LEED Gold Certification

The Empire State Building, the most famous office building, has been awarded LEED Gold for existing buildings certification (Photo: Armacell)

Münster, 22 July 2013 – The Empire State Building, for many decades the highest skyscraper in the world and still the best-known one, has recently celebrated its 80th birthday. In the jubilee year, extensive renovation work was completed earning the Empire State Building LEED Gold Certification for Existing Buildings. The modernization programme, which cost around 550 million dollars, has reduced the energy consumption of the building by almost 40 percent.

In the Empire State ReBuilding Programme, the building was carefully scrutinized to identify energy-saving potential in all areas. From replacing the windows to renewing the lighting systems, modernizing the building services and installing individualized energy management systems – every measure was taken to make New York’s landmark fit for the 21st century.


Reliable protection against energy losses with AP Armaflex Duct Liner

The air-conditioning and ventilation technology was also modernized and ventilation systems with blower drive were replaced by variable drive equipment to enhance energy efficiency and air quality. But it was not possible to improve everything. The AP Armaflex Duct Liner installed on the air ducts many years ago was then and is now the best choice and did not have to be substituted. Lining the ducts with the highly flexible insulation material will continue in future to provide the installations with reliable protection against energy losses. The closed-cell material has a ‘built-in vapour barrier’. It does not absorb moisture and does not deteriorate or fall victim to mould. As a dust- and fibre-free material there is no risk of fibres or dirt particles being released into the air stream and causing health problems for the occupants of the building.


Healthy indoor climate

Armaflex materials have passive protection against micro-organisms. It is much more difficult for microbes to settle on the smooth, non-porous surface of the elastomeric material than in open-cell mineral fibre products and they do not find the nutrients they need to grow. Above and beyond this, products which are equipped with antimicrobially-active Microban® additives, such as the AP Armaflex range, provide long-term active protection against bacteria and fungal growth.

The Empire State Building sets standards. The world’s best-known skyscraper demonstrates impressively that it is possible to carry out large-scale renovation projects to increase energy efficiency with reasonable payback periods and an improved return on investment.

Bob Dizel, Northeast Sales & Market Manager, Armacell US: ‘Armaflex remains the perfect choice for insulating air ducts in the Empire State Building and did not need to be substituted. Like the Empire State Building, our products are constructed to last. Properly installed they do not need to be replaced and last as long as the duct itself.’

Bob Dizel
Bob Dizel, Northeast Sales & Market Manager, Armacell US (Photo: Armacell)