Armaflex® Solar UT

Armaflex® Solar UT is a highly flexible closed-cell pipe insulation for solar hot-water systems. Specifically designed and tested for the flow and return lines of solar hot water systems, Armaflex® Solar UT is ideal for high temperature applications (up to 150degC) and long-term outdoor exposure. Armaflex® Solar UT helps reduce energy loss, protecting and optimising the efficiency and life expectancy of the installation. Tubes are pre-dusted to allow easy slide on application, and are available in 2.0m lengths, 20m and 25m long coils. 

Key features

  • High temperature insulation for pipe temperatures up to 150°C
  • UV resistant, designed for long term outdoor exposure
  • 15mm thickness insulation to provide an R-value of 0.6 (AS/NZS 4859.1:2002)
  • Low thermal-conductivity to minimise heat loss
  • Protected against water-vapour entry, due to the micro-cell structure 
  • Supplied in practical 20m and 25m coils. Also available in 2.0m lengths
  • Available in DN15 (1/2”) and DN20 (3/4”) pipe sizes